The 24-Minute Comic Manifesto

by Brent Willis
  1. Fold a piece of A4 paper in half width-wise
    figure 1 Sheet folded in half
  2. Then into three
    figure 2 Sheet in six
  3. Then in half again
    figure 3 sheet now folded into 12
  4. The unfold it. There should be 12 square shapes. [Fold back up. This now approximates the final form of the booklet. (this part is optional) ]
    figure 4 Sheet with grind outlines
  5. Pencil in the page numbers
    figure 5 looks like a book
  6. The staple goes on the folded edge (a).
    Page one should be at the top right of the open page (b)
    figure 6 Where the staple and numbers should go
  7. Putting the numbers in will require some tricky unfolding to get them all in. Now unfold the paper again and use it as a template.
  8. Take two more pieces of paper, and trace the page outlines and the page numbers from the template. They should end up looking something like this. It is also a good idea to pencil in arrows to indicate which way up the pages should go.
    figure 7 two sheets with numbers in folded grid
  9. Then get your watch ready and DRAW, DRAW, DRAW like the wind, as fast as you can, one panel per minute for 24 minuets. There is no time for you to fix your mistakes so keep going. (As with 24 Hour comics, you should be making it up as you go).
  10. After 24 minutes stop, and erase the pencilled in page numbers if you wish.
  11. Photocopy the art with the two sided page option (page one should be followed by page two etc).
  12. Put a staple in one end and cut the joined pages so they open like a booklet
    figure 8 Stapler and sissors in action
  13. and there it is.
    Figure 9 the finished comic

Other things to remember..

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